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 Areas of Expertise

Biodynamic Psychotherapy,Coaching & Mindfullness.

It’s a holistic approach, pioneered by Norwegian Psychotherapist Gerda Boyeson in the 1960's, that incorporates treatment of the mind and body by stimulating the free flowing and spontaneous expression of the life energy. The core of my work is to engage and support your experience of the free flowing of this life energy.  

I'm a certified life coach and biodynamic therapist,  my sessions incorporate Biodynamic Psychology with a broad knowledge of cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness practices. 

I truly believe in our capacity of personal and spiritual growth and that we are able to live our life to the fullest. 


Contact Me

 Brouwersgracht 270A,

1013 HG Amsterdam



KVK number: 70755566

The sessions are availabe in Dutch, English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. 

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