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Areas of Expertise

Biodynamic Psychotherapy 

Is a psycho-physiological treatment that incorporates methods such as biodynamic massage and bodywork, vegetotherapy, 'deep-draining' and work with the bio-field in order to systematically unravel muscle tension (armoring) and restore full breath promoting the free flow of the life energy. 

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Biodynamic Massage 

It is a therapy method that promotes the free flow of life energy in the body, blood circulation and the production of endorphin (also called happiness hormone ) and oxytocin (cuddlinghormone).Releases tension giving space for spontaneity , vitality and gumption . For many people the self-regulating system doesn't work properly, and therefore, it is sometimes necessary to encourage it . This massage can very well be applied to anyone who is caught up by emotions, tension , stress, headaches, low self-esteem or depression.By allowing your body to release tension and body waste, it brings you back into motion and balance.

Coaching & Mindfulness 

Many people talk about mindfulness. But what is that exactly?

Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present. Studies have shown that mindfulness promotes natural self-regulation which includes benefits like; stress reduction, memory improvement, better focus, less emotional reactivity, more cognitive flexibility and relationship satisfaction.  

Through practicing mindfulness we enhance our ability to be fully present, become more aware of our thoughts and feelings, where we are and what we’re doing, which consequently allows us to not overreact to a situation or be overwhelmed by what’s going on around us.

Mindfulness also involves acceptance, meaning that we pay attention to our thoughts and feelings without judging them.

My Approach

You most likely came to me because a doctor or a friend of yours indicated you. They might have told you that this therapy helped them getting out of depression, burn out, problem in a relationship, emotional stress and anxiety, feeling overwhelmed by life and its challenges, having the need of a deep connection with others, suffering from insomnia, chronic illnesses or trauma and etc.


Now, what’s interesting about my work is that since biodynamic therapy is a treatment that incorporated mind and body, I invite you to a journey of discovery and connection starting by reflecting on of the issues that have brought you into therapy and creating a space for you to venture deep into your inner world and get in touch with your most deep feelings and emotions.

Working together in a trustful and safe way I will gradually help you to access the wisdom that is deep rooted in your body allowing you to discover your true potential. 

There will be moments that we will look at your past in order to understand how it’s influencing your present and from there find the anchor (energy source)  that have helped you dealing with difficult situations and the ones that created habitual and unfulfilling ways of responding in current relationships and challenges.

My sessions, in adtion to biodynamic massage, might also include exercices such as deep breathing, meditation, rhythmic exercise and yoga. This combination allows you to have a deeper insight into your heart, particular needs and desires and bringing balance into your life.

My Approach
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